Dentists use numerous products to help them conduct their treatments and a micro applicator is one of them. However, what is a micro applicator? Where can one find the best micro applicator in Canada? These are some of the questions we will answer in this article.

What is a micro-applicator?

Micro-applicators are small brushes used to apply or remove bacteria from the teeth. These brushes are helpful for dentists to apply various types of material in between the teeth or at the very edge of the teeth. This product has many uses, including for dental methods of applying binding glue, exposure solution, hemostatic solution, sealants, dycal, etchant,bonding, hollow space linings, and fluoride varnishing. The small brushes are used to apply toothpaste immediately to the tooth, and in turn, those small brushes are best for difficult-to-reach areas, in addition to small spaces in which one may want to apply fluid or some other material. Moreover, one may use these brushes to “insert” an item or remove it during a regular treatment. Nevertheless, the major use of this item is to clean small areas.

Micro applicators are designed to help the dentist in procedures, such as dental implants, and to apply fluid in a confined space. The overall design of micro applicators in Canada gives a better grip and control over the plastic object. Moreover, the non-absorbent, non-abrasive fibers may contain 1/eight/ three.1 mm of droplets without dripping or spillage. This material can be used with sealants, bonding, etchants, hemostatic solutions, hollow space liners and many other dental fluids that are necessary to apply during any treatment.


Easy to work with
A micro applicator is very easy to work with. They are helpful for the dentist to use while they do their treatment. Their use is very easy and understandable for both the patient and the dentist.
Easy to find
Micro applicators are easy to find because of their radiant colors. They come in small sizes, but they have a bright color scheme, making them easy to be found.
Available Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium
They are provided in various sizes, and dentists find each size helpful for multiple treatments. A micro-applicator is also a sort of dental equipment that is useful during any dental treatment, and the best results are seen during a dental implant procedure. They are compact, and their plastic handle is very fixable. One can move easily, and while using them, they won’t drop from the user’s hand. We here at Penguin Health provide micro applicators with a grip that can easily work in both hands. Micro applicators in Canada are somewhat hard to find. However, we give you a chance to purchase them from our website for a good price. You can also find them in various colors. We have one of the best micro applicators in Canada.

Disposable micro applicators and how they are the perfect tool

One of the key factors that make disposable micro applicators the best tool is their compact size. Moreover, they are disposable; therefore, patients need not worry that something is being reused in their mouths. Also, the next great thing about them is their design, which is easy to hold so the dentist gets a very good grip on it once they get hold of it. This disposable item is a complete tool that helps the dentist maintain hygiene for the patient. It also prevents people from getting infected gums. This item is great in terms of hygiene and security when it comes in contact with sufferers’ gums and stops germs and other pathogens.

The microfiber brushes in the micro applicator are also an additional advantage in this product. They easily adjust to the teeth and give a soft sensation to the patient. Also, with its brilliant grip and amazing handling, the applicator is very easy to use. It also comes in many colors to use various materials at the same time. Therefore, you can use them to hold different materials or chemicals in each of the different colors with proper handling. This means they will not drip or fall off as you switch from one micro applicator to another micro applicator. The brushes also help you to clean anything in between the gums. This works in both ways as a helpful tool like a toothpick.

Their flexibility makes them more secure for patients and offers you better handling while moving between the thin regions of the patients’ teeth. These small brushes come with a beneficial remover that allows you to take one tip off immediately at any time. Micro applicator brushes are made by using very high-quality materials, making them ideal to be used as an object that provides cleaner teeth.

Other uses of micro applicators?

Micro applicators in Canada can also give you some other benefits other than just being used for the sake of teeth. You may also use them on eyelashes to apply some beauty products. Their round tips allow you to get greater precision and accuracy all through the location of the lashes. You may also use them to apply some gel or oil to your eyelashes. They will give you brilliant looking eyelashes. At Penguin Health, we deliver satisfactory dental products and clinical services at low-cost charges. Our products meet CE, ISO, and FDA standards. Our clients are our priorities. We work hard to deliver helpful products. We offer you first-class customer service and provide you with products made with high-quality materials. Our aim is always to give you the best results.

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