What are isolation gowns?

Working in the frontline can expose workers to a variety of hazardous or infectious agents, which is why it is imperative that they wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect themselves. An isolation gown is one of the most essential pieces of PPE for healthcare professionals that protects both the wearer and their patients from fluids, particulates and other substances that can carry infectious diseases. When worn properly, it fully covers the arms and the front and back of the body from the neck all the way down to the thighs. It is fastened at the back of the neck and around the waist and is easy to put on and take off. Healthcare workers require training on the proper technique for putting on and taking off gowns. The fit of the gown is important to ensure effective protection against potential contaminants.

Isolation gowns are different from surgical gowns. Isolation gowns can be worn by all hospital staff and visitors in most settings and situations while surgical gowns are worn by healthcare workers that are working in a sterile environment. Isolation gowns can be either reusable or disposable isolation gowns. Disposable gowns are single-use and must be safely thrown away after use. Reusable gowns can be washed and disinfected multiple times for reuse. However, the number of rewash cycles is limited and the gown must eventually be replaced

In Canada, isolation gowns are class I medical devices and must meet the standards accepted by Health Canada to be approved for distribution. Health Canada recognizes the standards of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), the American National Standards Institute and Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (ANSI/AAMI), and the European. Penguin health offers a variety of Health Canada certified reusable and disposable AAMI rated isolation gowns that fit any size comfortably and securely and have been manufactured in Ontario.

How do they work?

Isolation gowns form a liquid barrier that prevents the splatter of fluids from exposing the wearer to potentially infectious diseases. They also prevent the wearer from spreading potentially infectious particles to their patients. Manufacturers test the material of their gowns for durability and the performance of the barrier for its ability to resist fluids. Some medical procedures pose a higher risk of exposure to contaminants than others. Therefore, isolation gowns in Canada are classified as risk level 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on how much protection they offer, with level 1 gowns being used for procedures that pose minimal risk and level 4 gowns being used for procedures that have a high risk of exposure. It is highly recommended to wear a level AAMI 3 gown that provides the best fluid and aerosol protection.It is imperative that healthcare workers choose the right gown for each situation or procedure they encounter to ensure optimum protection.

Why Level 3 reusable/washable gowns?

Penguin Health manufactures level 3 reusable/washable gowns that provide the best protection to all the health workers from all aerosols and provide waterproof barriers. Also Penguin health gowns are washables and can be washed for 150 times. Penguin Health level 3 reusable gowns are eco friendly as they save 100s of disposable gowns from going into our landfills.


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