What Are AAMI Level 3 Reusable Isolation Gowns?

In order to get the best protection from exposure to potentially harmful agents, healthcare workers must ensure that the isolation gowns they choose as part of their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is effective and of high quality.

Reusable AAMI level 3 gowns are one of many types of reusable isolation gowns that have received the certification of a level 3 AAMI gown according to the standards set by AAMI. AAMI stands for the Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, an organization that produces international technical standards for a variety of medical devices, including isolation gowns.

Their standards are recognized by Health Canada for producing safe and high quality medical devices. According to the standards set by AAMI, isolation gowns can be categorized into 4 different barrier protection levels depending on the intended function of the gown.

At each increasing level, healthcare workers face situations and procedures that put them at more risk than at the level below. Therefore, at each level, the performance of the gown’s fluid barrier at its critical zones must be tested for its ability to resist potential fluid-borne hazards.

The critical zones are the areas of the gown are most likely to be exposed to fluids. Level 3 gowns are utilized by healthcare workers in moderate risk situations and are tested for their ability to resist impact by water and water pressure.

Compared to level 2 gowns, level 3 gowns provide better protection against a larger volume of splatter and fluid pressure. Level 1 gowns are used for minimal risk situations while level 4 gowns are used in situations where risk to viral infections are highest.

Level 3 gowns are used by healthcare workers that draw arterial blood, insert IVs, and work primarily in the emergency room, trauma, the burn unit and in the critical care unit.

Why Use AAMI Level 3 Reusable Isolation Gowns?

There are many factors that make reusable AAMI level 3 gowns beneficial to healthcare workers. Firstly, the standards set by AAMI for medical devices are recognized worldwide for the production of safe and high quality products.

Also, level 3 AAMI gowns offer better protection for a larger variety of medical procedures and situations than gowns that have a lower level rating. Finally, Penguin health AAMI level 3 gowns are reusable, which means they can be washed and sterilized for reuse multiple times before needing to be replaced.

Depending on the specifications given by manufacturers, reusable gowns can survive multiple wash cycles without compromise to safety and effectiveness.

Many healthcare facilities that are facing shortages as a result of the pandemic are opting to use reusable gowns to meet their needs because of their sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Reusable gowns are more environmentally friendly and save on costs as they create less waste and require less resources than disposable gowns.

Penguin Health offers reusable AAMI level 3 gowns that meet Health Canada and FDA standards for all AAMI standards, and are sourced and manufactured in Ontario, Canada.

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