The virus responsible for the currently ongoing pandemic was outreached on September 19 in China, and it caused devastating effects. However, there have been significant improvements, and thankfully, vaccinations have been introduced. Still, medical experts are busy promoting the use of masks if you are in crowded places. Even if you have received your vaccination, the use of the Respiratory masks is still recommended. Several masks are available in the market, and medical experts have suggested using the KN95 mask.

“What is a KN95 Mask?”. These are the highly searched questions these days. Several medical experts were asked to share their opinion about suitable respirator masks and where to buy them online. After one year of the pandemic, the network medical center published its recommendations and guidance on using KN95 facemasks. Moreover, some European countries like France, Germany, and Austria also recommend wearing medical-grade masks. Despite the opinions of the New York City medical center on who should wear the KN95 Respiratory masks, the CDC recommended using double facemasks.

What is a KN95 Mask?

The expert professor of head and neck surgery at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine said that the KN95 mask is designed to offer 95% protection from small airborne particles. The professor further added that the Chinese manufactured KN95 masks are similar to N95 masks. 

Several countries have manufactured Respiratory masks and that has resulted in different medical-grade face masks, as explained by Jeremy Friese, MD, a former Mayo clinic physician and the president of the payer market, specialized in building healthcare solutions through artificial intelligence. South Korea also holds its mask, named the KF94 mask, which is manufactured after considering the design of the KN95 mask. These masks have similar protection features to N95.

 Where to buy KN95 masks online?

Since KN95 masks are not approved and certified by NIOSH, most of them are prepared in China, making them difficult to shop for. These days, many people have started to buy their medical equipment and started selling it in the market. Therefore, the experts have recommended that the best Respiratory masks can be purchased directly from the manufacturers or you can purchase it from Penguin Health Online Shop. However, the large manufacturers would not find it favorable to sell a single KN95 mask, as they prefer to sell it in bulk to distributors. As a result, these manufacturers make it hard for the public to find a high-quality KN95 mask. Therefore, if you are looking for a facemask, it is necessary to cross-check it with the FDA’s list.

Using the FDA’s list to buy a face mask is also recommended by several medical experts. It is the only way you can ensure that you are buying a protective facemask from  approved manufacturers. In Canada, authorization to distribute face masks that are not NIOSH approved is given by Health Canada.

Penguin Health offers a variety of both NIOSH-approved N95 masks, that meet the U.S. and Canadian standards, as well as authorized China standard KN95 masks. 

Are KN95 Masks protective?

The experts have claimed that KN95 masks are more protective when compared to cloth masks and surgical facemasks. Moreover, the protection feature also depends on how perfect this mask fits on your face. The fit matters a lot, as several manufacturers are producing facemasks of different sizes and shapes. Therefore, you must choose a mask that fits your face. 

Are KN95 Masks Certified? 

There is a massive demand for KN95 masks for individuals working in healthcare during the pandemic. The N95 masks are highly recommended face masks by medical experts. However, the high demand for N95 face masks led to a shortage amid the ongoing pandemic. Therefore, in the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the distribution of KN95 masks, produced in China but not approved by NIOSH. Moreover, the FDA only issued approval to specific manufacturers in China. The list of manufacturers is also available on FDA’s website. The FDA also published a list of authorized respirators that no longer fulfil the eligibility criteria of EUA. Therefore, masks on that published list are no longer authorized by the FDA and should not be used.

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