What is the difference between a Halyard N95 respirator and a KN95 respirator?

The purpose of a filtering facepiece respirator is to form a tight seal around the nose
and mouth, and protect the respiratory system by filtering out potentially harmful
particles. Respirators are an important piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
for frontline workers that are more likely to come into contact with these potentially
harmful particles. Therefore, when it comes to choosing the best filtering facepiece
respirator for the job, they must carefully look at the similarities and differences between
the variety of available respirators. Penguin Health offers the Halyard Health
manufactured N95 respirator and KN95 respirator, both of which meet standards
recognized by Health Canada. So, what are the major similarities and differences
between these two types of respirators?

The Halyard N95 respirator is manufactured according to the standards of the U.S.
National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). NIOSH certified N95
respirators are recognized by Health Canada as the standard for high quality N95
respirators for use in the medical field. They are tested and evaluated on their fit, filter
efficiency and breathability. They protect the wearer’s respiratory system by filtering out
95% of potentially harmful particulates and viruses. Much like other NIOSH certified N95
respirators, the Halyard N95 respirators form an effective fit around the nose and mouth
and are fluid resistant. They typically have a duckbill shape for increased breathability
and straps that go around the head to hold it in place.

The KN95 respirator is the Chinese standard for filtering facepiece respirators. They
have received approval by Health Canada as an alternative for NIOSH certified N95
respirators as long as they have been tested to meet the appropriate standards. Like
the N95 respirators, they filter 95% of particulates from the air. They typically have a
cup design with earloops to hold them in place and have similar testing done on them
as the N95 respirators, including fit testing, filter efficiency and breathability.
The main difference between them is that the Halyard N95 respirators and the U.S.
standard while the KN95 respirators are the Chinese standard. In terms of design,
function and performance, Halyard N95 respirators and KN95 respirators are very
similar. They can both filter 95% of small particulates in the air and they both meet
standards that are recognized by Health Canada. Halyard N95 respirators are slightly
more breathable than the KN95 masks but the KN95s are slightly cheaper in price.

Though N95 respirators are the preferred choice by most, the KN95 respirators have
been shown to be suitable alternatives by Health Canada

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