The CDC (Centre of diseases control and prevention) is continually monitoring the COVID-19 situation and instructing the public to use facemasks and maintain social distance to stay safe. There are two groups of public, one who has been vaccinated and the other who have not, the CDC has recommended both groups to use facemasks. If you do not know what is the best facemask to use for protecting yourself, You must go for Adelle 1 – Level 1 ASTM Face Mask, it is designed to protect you from COVID-19 and other fluids. Besides using ASTM face mask levels, CDC has instructed the general public to maintain social distance even from hospitals.


Can Adelle 1 – Level 1 ASTM Face Mask protects you from COVID-19?

Yes of course, although vaccination is a great cure and being vaccinated means the risk of COVID-19 has been reduced but you should keep in mind that it is not eliminated. If you are a victim of Coronavirus and you are not aware, ASTM level 3 face masks made in USA are great for keeping your particles from impacting others. If you have not been vaccinated yet, wearing a mask will still help to block the germs and droplets coming from another person who is infected.

The researchers have indicated that COVID-19 is very devastating and it can spread through droplets and particles released due to singing, speaking, coughing and sneezing. Therefore, wearing ASTM face mask levels¸ is a good idea especially, when you are in the crowded places where you get to interact with a mixture of vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals. Several health care institutes recommend wearing masks before going on to the places where the people having risks factors surround you. These include individuals having the age above 60 and those having heart problems, immunity problems, diabetes or cancer.

The experts of different health clinics have recommended that the public should know the British standard for face masks before buying them. Because when it comes to Personal Protective equipment (PPE). You must know what you are buying. There is a group of people who have a question can a mask save them from COVID-19 or not.  The medical experts have answered, a mask is necessary for every one whether he/she is vaccinated or not. The mask is designed to block the dust particles and droplets to prevent the infection. Moreover, researchers have concluded and it was revealed that if an individual is vaccinated and still has a weaker immune system, he should keep social distance and use masks in crowded places.


Why should we wear masks while visiting medical facilities?

The CDC has clear-cut instructions that anyone who visits medical facilities like hospitals, and clinics, must wear a protective facemask as Face Mask protects you from COVID-19. Warning: a mask will protect you from the surrounding of the individuals who might have or have not been vaccinated yet.


Why do masks regulations change overtime 

Earlier, the researchers were not aware of the importance of mask wearing. Later on, it was discovered that wearing a mask is an effective way of getting protection from dust particles and fluids especially, when COVID-19 has emerged. Additionally, the mask supply was short and it made sense to make sure that, individuals who are at risk like the medical experts, must had an appropriate supply of PPE like facemasks to protect themselves while giving treatments to the patients. The number of COVID-19 infected people is increasing over time, therefore, the government has to revise the mask wearing instructions to protect more people in the community.


Should we Wear 2 masks for extra protection?  

The medical experts have prohibited the use of a  double mask or N-95 respirators at public places to protect against new Coronavirus. The prevention measures of the new COVID-19 are the same for all variants 

If you wear a mask, you must ensure 

  • You are wearing it regularly and appropriately, a mask which is pulled down from the face for any purpose like talking or breathing or if it is worn under the nose, it would not serve the purpose 
  • The mask conforms to your face without any gaps, therefore, it must be ensured that airflow inside or outside must be made through the mask rather than around the mask from the gaps, sides or tops and bottoms
  • The mask you buy must be manufactured with different layers of tightly woven to be an effective filter
  •  The mask should contain a reasonable nose grip to conform so it can reduce fogging of eyeglasses.
  • Your mask should stay in place while you are breathing or talking, so it can be used without slipping and you do not have to touch it repeatedly.
  • The mask should be comfortable enough to wear and you do not have to change its setting.

    The above guidelines are very crucial and following these can put a stop to the number of infected people due to COVID-19 before it gets severe and infects more people.


What type of Mask should I Buy? 

Vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals should wear a mask when they are outside their house. Though some experts have indicated that vaccinated people do not need any masks, it is good to be safe. You should go for Can Adelle 1 – Level 1 ASTM Face Mask, as it is the best variant of its time and covers your face, nose without any gaps. It contains adjustable ear loops and ties so that you can wear them without any hesitation. It is also good for the individuals who wear glasses as you can easily mould the mask to fit your nose bridge, avoid fogging and Adelle 1 – Level 1 ASTM Face Mask protects you from COVID-19.


What is a face shield? 

Unlike a facemask, the face shield is a piece of plastic, attached to the headband. This plastic piece covers the whole face. You might have seen healthcare providers using plastic material in front of their faces while performing any medical procedure. Moreover, dentists and dental hygienists use these face shields while treating patients. Sometimes, the surgeons use a face shield over face masks while offering protective treatment or extensive surgeries.

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