What is the difference between disposable and reusable isolation gowns?

Isolation gowns used by healthcare workers as part of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be either disposable or reusable. Disposable isolation gowns are single-use gowns that must be properly disposed of after use. They are typically made with non-woven fabrics, such as non-woven polypropelene, and plastic films. Reusable gowns can be used multiple times after being washed and sterilized. Reusable gowns must be disposed of after they have been washed a certain number of times. The gown’s fluid protection barrier is sustained for a certain number of wash cycles, which is specified by the manufacturers and depends on the level of barrier protection provided by the gown. They are typically made with woven fabrics such as polyester blend. Despite these differences, the standards are the same for both types of gowns and gowns must meet these Health Canada approved standards to be certified for distribution. Therefore, they both provide the same level of protection from potentially hazardous fluids. Order your reusable and disposable isolation gowns from Penguin health.

Which type of isolation gown is better?

Previously, healthcare facilities had primarily opted for the use of disposable isolation gowns as they are the less expensive choice. However, there has recently been a shift towards the usage of reusable gowns over disposable due to increasing evidence that suggests that reusable gowns are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run. Disposable gowns create a lot of waste because they have to be disposed of and replaced after each patient encounter. The cost of disposing of this waste often surpasses the cost of laundering and sterilizing reusable gowns. The waste created by disposable gowns can end up in landfills and also have a negative impact on the environment.

Modern Level 3 AAMI reusable isolation gowns are more environmentally friendly because they are manufactured sustainably, produce little solid waste and have been shown to reduce carbon emissions produced by healthcare facilities in the long run. Recent advances in laundering technology have led to the development of washing techniques that save on water consumption. Making the switch to reusable gowns can also help healthcare facilities save on the costs related to waste disposal. The reusability and sustainability of reusable isolation gowns make them a commodity, especially in light of this ongoing pandemic. The AAMI rated reusable gowns at Penguin Health have been manufactured locally here in Ontario, Canada and meet Health Canada & FDA standards for their high quality and standards.


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